Janm janm ke paap nasavai, Antavas Shivpur ko pavai Meaning is: One who provide incense, Dip Indian lamp and Prasadam to Lord Shiva and chant Shiva Chalisa in front of them, will free from sins of many births. When his life ends, he go to Shivloka, a place of Lord Shiva. Soul will immersed in bliss, because it is near to God Mahadev. Purpose of soul is completed, no birth will he take again. Because Lord Shiva happy on him, one achieve material achievements and wealth. As another verses says, Nitya nem kari prata hi, path karo chalish, purn karaho jagdish which Means, One who read this prayer everyday in morning, say to Lord Shiva that you are only my wish, request them to fulfill, will get fulfillment of wishes and real peace. Because he ask nothing for him, he request Mahadev’s nearness. Lord Shiva please by a devotion which is without any expectations. They fulfill wishes without even asking.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Crystal The clear quartz crystal, also identified as mountain crystal or rock crystal, is one of the most sacrosanct stones of the ancient and present cultures. It is the quintessence of rock, the highest manifestation of the mineral kingdom. Crystal is usually milky white at the base and clear towards the tip.

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Victory to You, Hari, Ruler of the Universe, You make the troubles of your devotees vanish in a second” Durga Aarti Of all Hindu goddesses, it is perhaps the aarti hymn dedicated to goddess Durga that is most popular. The arti is sung to please Goddess Durga and calls out her various names. The Hindu devotees hail Maa Durga as the perfect embodiment of compassion and power, one who is worshipped even by the great trinity of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Goddess Durga, in her aarti, is praised for her immense beauty and for her resemblance to the stunning moon.

The lion or tiger, which happens to be Maa Durga’s mount, is as majestic as the goddess herself. The Maa Durga arti hails the goddess as the divine feminine force by calling her the ‘mother of the entire universe’. Mother Durga shields her devotees and relieves them of all their pains and afflictions. This divine arti of goddess Durga is sung in a melodious tune after most of the pujas in Hindu households.

Mang sinduur biraajat, tiko mrigmadko, Ujjvalse dou naina, chandravadan niko, Jai ambe Gauri Kanak saman kalevar, raktambar raje, Raktapushp galmala, kanthhar saje, Kehari vahan rajat, khadg khappar dhari Sur nar munijan sevat, tinke dukhahari, Jai ambe Gauri Kanan kundal shobhit, nasagre moti Kotik chandra divakar, samrajat jyoti, Jai ambe Gauri Shumbh- nishumbh vidare, mahishasur ghatia Dhumra-vilochan naina, nishdin madmati Brahmani, rudrani tum kamala rani, Agam-nigam bakhani.

Turn shiv patrani, Jai ambe Gauri


Vasanti Since I shifted to my new house I was not happy due to unknown reasons. Even our family relation got hampered. With this problems I consult Mr. Suresh Bhagade , he personaly visited my home and guide me about all situation. And to my surprize l could realise complete change in our behaviour. Suresh Bhagade of Vastu Shree Ganesha.

Ask A Wish to Lord Shree Ganesha. Posts. Community. Info and Ads. See more of Lord Shree Ganesha on Facebook. Log In. or. Create New Account. See more of Lord Shree Ganesha on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Lord Shree Ganesha. Art Gallery in Baripada.

We as a leading manufacturer offer various product of which Shree Ganesh is an exclusive product with a competitive price. We are offering our reputed clients a wide range of ganesh ji murti that portrays him sitting down on a lotus flower in pink and yellow colors. For highlighting his ornaments and weapons, bright golden color has been used. These are artistically designed by our skilled manufacturers.

Our offered god statues and temples gives the perfect blend of traditional and contemporary artistry. Further, these can also be used as gift items on someone occasions. We are tagged as a leading manufacturers, traders and wholesalers of silver or metal god statues and temple in India. We are offering our reputed clients a wide range of Ganesh ji Murti that portrays him sitting down on a Lotus flower in pink and yellow colors.

For highlighting His ornaments and weapons, bright golden color has been used. Our designers keep in mind the standard configuration of Lord Ganesha who typically holds an axe or a goad in one upper arm and a noose in the other upper arm. Being a symbol of good luck, he is honored at the beginning of rituals and ceremonies. The overwhelming depiction of these images becomes the cynosure of the surrounding.

photos of Ganesh ji appearing on the Shirdi Sai Pictures in Udi

November 23, Ganesha Speaks: Ganesha speaks to answer your questions. Ask Ganesha what you want to and you will get answer from him along with his blessings. God Ganesha speaks and always helps humans to overcome each and every adverse situation. Such is the power of blessings given by lord Ganesha. You can ask Ganesha about any problem that you are facing in your life.

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Happy Ganesh Chaturthi Images, Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Quotes to share on Vinayaka Chaturthi Here are some beautiful images, cards, wishes, and messages that you can share on Vinayak Chaturthi and make the day even more special. Sep 13, , Ganesh Chaturthi is the fourth and auspicious day of the day long festival Ganesh Utsav.

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How to Perform Ganesh Staphna The following information will give you all the details on the vidhis and the procedures to Performing Ganesh Staphma on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. We the Trustees of GaneshChaturthi. Large numbers of people observe Ganesha Chaturthi poojas at home. Whereas most people prefer to call pundits home on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi to perform the Ganehs Staphna, majority of the people also prefer to perform the rituals by them-selves with sampoorna bhavna and prem.

Here is an explanation on how to perform Ganesha pooja and Staphna at home as mentioned in Hindu scriptures. Ganesha pooja on the Chaturthi day is usually performed as per the Muhurat.

Lord Ganesh Aarti: Jai Ganesh Deva, Sukhkarta Dukhharta Lyrics with Meaning

Hopefully these insights will inspire you to draw closer to Him and learn about His grace and His ever giving boons through your own experiences. Yes, Lord Ganapati is a mysterious God to most adults, but not to children. We too must be like little children to really enjoy and understand His majesty, mirth, wisdom and simple complexities. The God whose symbol is the swastika, who moves in many directions all at once, is truly, to a child, as simple as a digital on-and-off switch.

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Yes! Ganesha speaks to answer your questions. Ask Ganesha what you want to and you will get answer from him along with his blessings. Ganesha Yantra is a powerful tool that has answers to all your problems. God Ganesha speaks and always helps humans to overcome each and every adverse situation. Such.

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Lord Ganesha’s Names 12 principle names of Shree Ganesha and their origin As per Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha is called Vignaharta — the one who destroys all obstacles and problems. By receiving His blessings, one receives the grace of all noble beings, all celestial beings. He helps one succeed in whatever endeavour he takes up.

Lord Ganesha is known by many names and each name has a unique meaning and story attached to it. He who has a beautiful face Ganesha is known as Sumukh — possessor of a beautiful face. This may come as a revelation to some of you, but it is a fact based on the core definition of beauty. Beautiful things are pleasing to the eye and there is something new and unique about them every time you look at them. Same goes for Ganesha’s face.

Every time you look at it, there something different yet pleasing about it. His face is known to be as fair as timber. Since Goddess Parvati, who gave birth to Lord Ganesha, is an epitome of beauty, it was only obvious that he inherited some of her exceptional good looks. Also, it is believed that when Lord Shiva decapitated Lord Ganesha, his halo left his body along and merged into the moon.

And when Lord Shiva brought him back to life by replacing his head with that of an elephant, the halo returned to his face.

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