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Cora initially appeared from 11 to 15 April , and returned as a regular character on 28 July. Cora is described as having “a brash, outspoken attitude and does not care who she offends”, deemed “an archetypal East End matriarch” and Inside Soap says that Cora is a “brash, loud lady who likes to tell everyone what she thinks and has absolutely no shame. Kirkwood was keen to find a new matriarch for the show after the loss of Peggy Mitchell , played by Barbara Windsor and explained that Cora is a perfect fit. Mitchell took a break from the show in April , returned on a recurring basis for five months from July to December , and is due to make a full return in late Tanya soon softens towards her mother and sister. The next day, Tanya’s ex-husband, Max, goes to Tanya’s house after tearing their daughter Abi Branning ‘s Lorna Fitzgerald bridesmaid dress; Tanya does not want to see him so Cora attempts to sort him out. She tells Max that although the girls have his name, they are Crosses deep down. It is later revealed that Rainie is staying at Cora’s house.

‘EastEnders’: Lauren Branning And Steven Beale Twist Leaves Viewers Stunned UK

He made his first appearance on 14 May Sam visits Ava unexpectedly when she is expecting Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick , with whom she has a date. Ava is shocked to see Sam and he asks if a voice he hears is his son, Dexter. He explains his father, who abandoned him as a child, has died and he wants to reunite with Dexter, who he abandoned when he was three months old. Ava is angry but Sam blames her, saying she was not intimate with him after Dexter was born.

Michael Edward Moon is a fictional character from the BBC soap opera EastEnders, played by Steve John Shepherd. The character is a second cousin once removed of Alfie Moon (Shane Richie), and first appears on 1 October after Alfie’s return. He is also the father to Tommy Moon, whose mother.

Robb , but she gives their marriage one last try. As an apology, Max buys 10 Turpin Road for Tanya to open as a beauty parlour and begins spending time with Bradley. Max thinks Bradley is too good for his girlfriend, Stacey Slater Lacey Turner , and when she gets pregnant, he gives Bradley money for an abortion, telling him a baby will ruin his life. However, the abortion ends the relationship. To hurt Bradley, Stacey makes a move on Max and they have an affair, but Tanya tells Max she is pregnant.

He tries to save his marriage despite promising Stacey that he will leave Tanya but when Stacey learns of Tanya’s pregnancy, Max takes his family to Spain and a few weeks later, tells Bradley they are moving there permanently. Max returns with his family to find that Stacey and Bradley have reconciled and are now engaged. On the night of Bradley and Stacey’s wedding, Max kisses Stacey and although she rejects him, Lauren’s camcorder captures the kiss on video.

Soon after, Tanya and Max’s son, Oscar Branning , is born. Max and Stacey’s affair is revealed at Christmas after Lauren makes a copy of the recording and gives it to Bradley.

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Lauren, marketing whizz Louise, hotshot photographer, London. PM ET Lauren defends her actions of not immediately coming clean about the hook up. Ben Richardson Anna Kendricks Boyfriend. University of Londons media arts degree program.

Lauren meets her cousin, Joey Branning (David Witts), and is attracted to him. Her friendship with Lucy begins to improve after Ian disappears and Lauren helps find him. Joey and Lucy start dating but Lauren learns that Joey had cheated with Whitney, and urges her to tell yed by: Madeline Duggan (–), Jacqueline Jossa (–).

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email EastEnders viewers will see Lauren Branning’s life start its downward spiral as her jealous sister considers outing her secrets. Abi Lorna Fitzgerald has been getting increasingly frustrated about living in the shadow of her seemingly perfect sister, Lauren Jacqueline Jossa. But when she realises that Lauren’s shady boyfriend Steven Beale Aaron Sidwell is having doubts about her loyalty, she begins to wonder whether this could be her chance to bring her sister down.

These first-look pictures show Abi approaching Steven in Albert Square – but will she be able to tell him about Lauren’s secrets? Fans of the BBC soap have recently seen Lauren kiss her boss Josh Hemmings Eddie Eyre who has developed feelings for her, but the relationship is complicated even further by her unplanned pregnancy. She was tricked into getting pregnant by Steven sabotaging their contraception, but does not know what her boyfriend has done and so has been keeping her pregnancy and plans for an abortion secret.

Video Loading Click to play Tap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now With Steven known for his volatile temper and soap producer Sean O’Connor having promised a “gothic” storyline, things could be set to get much darker for Lauren. Like us on Facebook.

Lauren Branning

According to the report, Stacey “looks like a Slater and shares the same family attitude but with one difference – Stacey is one hell of a bitch! Turner had originally gone to audition for a part in the Miller family, but was given the part of Stacey instead. I’ve watched the show since I was about four years old, and I used to live in a house that backed onto the EastEnders set so I used to watch them filming all the time. I always dreamt of being on the show and so I can’t believe that I’ve fulfilled my greatest ambition!

She’s a real challenge […] I think people are going to love to hate her like they did with [the character] Janine Evans. Development Advertisements Personality and lineage The character appears to be tough, stubborn, fiery and very bitchy, however, as actress Lacey Turner explains, this is just a front and “underneath she’s very vulnerable”.

The latest Tweets from Lauren Branning (@lozzabranning4). Mum To Louie // Dating @eminem7_ Done nothing wrong Only took a break for 10 days Due to unforeseen circumstances in real life and I come back to being accused of kinds of shit well he can do one I’m not being accused of shit.

Mechanic, Minty Peterson Cliff Parisi , helps her by changing her tyre, and she takes him to lunch to say thank you, but ‘forgets’ her purse. SJ reveals that she moved to England from Australia a few years before to work in a gentleman’s club, but now needs somewhere to live because her landlord is selling up. They let SJ stay at their flat, although Garry is apprehensive about SJ and doesn’t want her to stay permanently.

Minty is extremely keen on SJ. He enjoys her company and doesn’t seem to mind that she rarely pays her way. Garry begins to feel pushed aside by his best friend and a certain level of animosity arises between SJ and Garry when they are around each other. SJ is extremely excited, but decides not to go on the trip when Garry and Minty start to argue about it.

Secrets Don’t Stay Buried For Long

Just me go Max! At least Lauren and Abi opened his presents — before they died – and he managed to break the record for the most desperate, depressing, Christmas in the history of Walford. No mean feat considering the quality — or misery — of his predecessors. Christmas Day had started so well too.

Tanya Lauren Branning, played Jo Joyner, is the wife of Max Branning. She moves to Walford with him and their daughters, Lauren and Abi (Madeline Duggan and Lorna Fitzgerald), for a fresh start after Max had been caught having an affair.

The EastEnders stalwarts will share some awkward scenes when Patrick Rudolph Walker begins to think widow Dot June Brown has developed feelings for him. He made his first appearance on 13 September It all starts when meddling Kim Fox Tameka Empson suggests Dot might have a sweet spot for him, and is made worse when the laundrette worker invites him over for dinner. Iggy Azalea shuts down French Montana romance rumours Iggy Azalea has shut down rumours of a romance with rapper French Montana and revealed the pair are working on new music.

Iggy and French set the rumour mill turning after he shared a picture of them enjoying a night out together in Las Vegas, Nevada on Snapchat last month Jun According to editors at America’s E! However the Fancy star insists they were just letting their hair down after working on a new single. It should be having a music video filmed to it in the next few weeks. She had previously indicated the break-up would not be a theme on her new album as she finished recording it in February 16 , long before her relationship hit the rocks.

Romance in store for Dot Branning and Patrick Trueman? Duncan LindsayTuesday 2 Aug Share this article via facebook Share this article via twitter Share this article via google Share this article via whatsapp. Corrie’s Shayne Ward expecting first child with Hollyoaks’ Sophie Austin 4mths after confirming romance.

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Karen died in of breast cancer. Jay was first mentioned on 5 December , when a dying Evie told Bert that he had a grandson. Jay is a troublesome youth: Jay continues getting into trouble, becoming involved with a gang of older boys, known as the E20 crew, led by Tegs Teague Ben Smith. Jay helps them shoplift, and they give him a knife. The gang terrorises Dot Branning June Brown and Jay steals her keys so they can break into her house.

Lucy and Whitney are antagonistic to one another but eventually make amends because of their shared friendship with Lauren Branning and Lucy breaks up with Joey. She then takes him back and insists they continue dating, even though Joey does not have feelings for her. [Lucy] in real life because I’m not.” [6] In May it was.

If I told you I would have to kill you Posts 16, Thanked: In real life, things are looking brighter for Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren, as she has secured her first major recognition for her EastEnders role. The year-old is in the running for ‘Best Newcomer’ at the National Television Awards, which will take place in London on January It’s really nice to get some recognition and to feel part of it all. I’m very happy to be nominated. It would mean a lot to my family, and for me it would be a real honour.

I’ve never really won anything before, so it would be really cool! I feel proud of those as it was really emotional stuff. There’s also some scenes coming up where it’s more about Lauren and how she feels about the whole thing. Lauren feels responsible for Tanya, and you’ll see how she’s coping with what her mum’s going through, so I’m quite proud of those scenes too.

Michael Moon (EastEnders)

These are to be axed: I was just thinking the same the other day of all the useless characters they have; Charlie – Hardly see him anymore, all his intimidate family have scattered; Kat, Zoe, Little Mo, Lynnne and the other one that used to pop her head in and out the door which I don’t know the name of.

He only has Stacey and baby Lily, Mo and Jean left. Mo – I suppose their keeping her because she’s a “Dodgy Dealer” and can be quite funny. He’s obviously going to pack up and leave, leaving the flat to Shirley and Heather who need a home at the moment.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email EastEnders fan-favourite Peter Beale has been secretly recast and is set for a shocking comeback, according to these obvious clues. Ben walked away from the show at the end of last year when his character fled to New Zealand with his girlfriend Lauren Branning and their baby following the revelation his step-brother Bobby Eliot Carrington had brutally killed his twin sister Lucy Hetti Bywater the year before. Just days after stepping off the soap set, Ben managed to bag himself the role of Angel in the new movie X-Men: Apocalypse alongside the likes of Jennifer Lawrence.

But now – as Hardy’s career goes from strength to strength on the big screen – Peter could be making a sensational small screen return Will we see a new Peter Beale? BBC Peter Beale to return? Last week the new mother argued with boyfriend Steven about Peter’s son Louie, after it was revealed that Lauren sent him a video of their baby’s first words. Then Steven revealed a secret that Peter had been stealing money from the family and that he’s “gone out of control”. Adding that she’d “never love anybody” like she loved Peter.

It’s clear EastEnders writers are keeping Peter in viewers’ minds for a reason – we’re thinking for Peter to walk through the door and confront both Lauren and Steven. Ben Hardy seems busy Hardy as Angel The year-old actor may have turned his back on the long-running soap last year in order to carve out a career in Hollywood but admitted he hasn’t completely ruled out reprising his role as heartthrob Peter Beale in the future. But you know if that didn’t matter, I’d go back for an episode or a day, because I’m attached to that storyline.

BBC A source in the casting world told Mirror Online that it’s not a case of if but when we’d see the new Mitchell, saying:

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The fate of the Branning sisters was finally revealed tonight after EastEnders viewers were given an agonising wait to find out which one survived. Max and Tanya were told to sit down as the doctor broke some horrific news about their daughter, leaving fans to asking they were they talking about Abi or Lauren. It turned out that Lauren was alive and well despite the horrific fall – but things didn’t go smoothly in hospital for Abi as she was essentially ‘brain dead’.

Fi rocked up at the hospital and Max, who was sat at his daughter’s bedside, revealed she had a “catastrophic brain injury”. Max sat at Abi’s bedside – but there was someone missing Image: BBC Max saw his daughter’s eyes move.

Max’s daughter, Lauren, later confesses and, to save Lauren from prison, Tanya confesses to the police and is arrested in November While in prison, Tanya ends her relationship with Jack. Depressed after losing Tanya, Jack demands a DNA test on Amy, Roxy’s daughter.

Sweet Abi has always been the sensible one of the Branning family but rarely noticed. She was at home with her father on the night Lucy was killed… apart from when he took the dog for a walk. Abi knew of her father’s affair with Lucy after she caught them together in his car lot. Has she removed her father’s distraction? She’s been acting weird lately – stalking her sister, blackmailing her dad and killing a dog! Did she get boyfriend Jay to help cover her tracks.

Her absent mother Tanya Jo Joyner is also set to return to the Square for the anniversary week. Jane says she saw Lauren from the window and that she didn’t actually go into the house. Actress Jacqueline Jossa, who plays Lauren, has already filmed her final scenes for EastEnders before going on maternity leave. He’s definitely hiding something with his shifty behaviour. Is he covering for one of his daughters? Why did he tear up Emma Summerhaye’s evidence?

But Lee Carter slept with Lucy. Is Whitney the jealous kind?

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