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In October, the comic announced she was ending her Netflix series to focus on political activism with a focus on gender equality. So when she shared a promotion for her show that linked to a makeup tutorial parody that revolves writer Fortune Feimster around talking smack about Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ physical appearance, Twitter users were astounded — and quickly took Chelsea to task for the body-shaming aspects of the video. Make him a woman,"” Fortune says in the clip, implying that Sarah Sanders looks male. At another point in the video, Fortune jokes, “My face is a big, fat biscuit! You are obviously a very unhappy person. Maybe as a modern feminist you should act like a lady for a change,” wrote another. Chelsea replied, defending herself by saying, “This woman deserves to be taken down. She is pure evil,” although that didn’t do much to quell the tide of criticism aimed at the star. My daughter has a husband who loves her and is wonderful to her.

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With a Sense of Humor Engaged comedian and bestselling author Sarah Colonna is here to tell us why Pinterest is her unexpected new best friend—and why you probably won’t see any DIY wood chip accents at her wedding. I was a regular on the E! Jon plays for the Seattle Seahawks, so one evening, when another comedian from the show, Ross, was standing on the sidelines before the game, Jon seized the opportunity.

He introduced himself to Ross, told him he was a fan always a smart move to compliment the person you’re about to ask to introduce you to another person , and asked him to put in a “good word” with me for him.

Chelsea Handler and Jen have gotten more and more best friends over the last few years but since then Chelsea Handler has spoken out more about her distaste for Angelina Jolie. Sh.

Guys, girls; some people just don’t like the idea of marriage, cohabiting, having kids or anything to do with getting hitched. Despite this, society still refers to unmarried women over 25! But like their male counterparts, some women just don’t find the idea of marriage appealing, haven’t found the right partner, or one of a thousand other reasons. Disregarding their reasons, society brands them ‘defective’ in some way.

It seems like almost every week, your fave star is linked to someone new. Looks like not all relationships end in happily ever afters. Across Hollywood, there are a ton of screen queens that you look at and wonder why the heck they’re not married. But these hotties choose to stay single in their 40’s, 50’s, even 60’s. That old maid myth is garbage.

She had her pick of Hollywood’s finest bachelors, including Warren Beatty , Jack Nicholson , Al Pacino ; the relationships just didn’t end in marriage. These days, the ageless actress has ‘given up looking for Mr Right,’ and spends her time with her two adopted sons. Think she’s an outlier?

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By Jazz Jennings Oct 18, Falling in love. It’s something I dream of, something I want to feel. As a year-old teenage girl, I can attest to the fact that boys dominate most conversations between girls my age. It’s almost like they are in heat, and in some ways, I guess they are. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below Often, when a girl has a crush on a boy her friend will dare her to speak to him or ask for a pencil, or better yet, let him know that she has a crush.

It happens thousands of times a day in the lives of teenagers everywhere.

50 Cent and Chelsea Handler went to a bar in New Orleans last night and by the way they got up close and personal with each other, they gave some serious credibility to those dating rumors.

He calls when he says he will. He takes you on interesting dates. He texts back in a flash. And you laugh uncomfortably when they say it, because you think something must be wrong with you. You enjoy your time. You feel you should be into them. My friends talk about this a lot. Looking around on online discussion boards, like Reddit, my group of friends is not the only one asking these questions. What else has been going on in your life?

First, sometimes, attraction to a person can be confused with desire for a relationship. In that case, you just might not feel it for someone — even though you really, really want to. That can be confusing.

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Share Chelsea Handler is getting candid about her dating life, admitting that she uses Tinder to find hookups when she’s on the road! I’m a regular person. Chelsea Handler on Her Date With Bobby Flay and Getting Drunk With Florence Henderson Handler added that she tends to swipe right for partners, who are in a “seven-mile radius,” and that she is also a member of the private, exclusive dating app Raya.

Such apps are a natural option for meeting men, given that Handler says she rarely gets asked out.

The “Chelsea Lately” host dated the NBC Broadcasting chairman — who also was her boss — for four years. Chelsea Handler says her relationship with former E!Entertainment chief Ted Harbert ended.

And so do I! How do you prepare for interviews? You know what, for those kinds of interviews I do the least amount of preparation because I know so much about them. I feel like all of the questions I naturally have are going to be questions everybody has. As a conversationalist I want to have an interesting conversation with anyone I meet at a dinner party, so for those people I feel like I know what people want to ask them.

There are different styles for different people. He had this insane story of his childhood and how he came to be, and his family history was so impressive. Everything is pretty much on the table. I know what I respond to. If I have an interest in it then it will be interesting to watch me do it, or investigate it. Have you ever done a Native American sweat lodge?

How much weight do you lose in one day? That is a little ayahuasca-y.

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I really am not into hating on people. So I am genuinely asking the opinions of those who are fans, or enjoy watching Chelsea Handler. I am extremely annoyed, especially by her new Netflix weekly series.

A post shared by Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) on Oct 30, at am PDT “If you’re on a dating app,” she suggested, “please ask someone on a .

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Follow Chelsea Handler 21st September Quote: So I’m officially accepting proposals! Like, that’s his schtick, like he would come on and flirt with you and you just felt like a child molester right away.

Discover Chelsea Handler famous and rare quotes. Share funny quotes by Chelsea Handler and quotations about giving and comedy. If someone is truly a loyal friend, then they wouldn’t need to broadcast it; eventually, people will figure it out. My feeling is, if a dog is that hard up to break free, let it go. It’s like a boyfriend who.

There’s never really any one definitive way to prove these sorts of things without an announcement from the theorized couple itself, but a series of social media posts definitely seem to point in that direction—at least, at first glance. In an Instagram post Nicki uploaded earlier this morning, Nas has his arm wrapped around her shoulder, and she looks as comfortable as can be. For many people, this, in conjunction with Nicki’s Instagram post, would spell “relationship,” but hold up.

If you were paying close enough attention, though, you’d have likely peeped the “congrats” part of Nicki’s caption. While she definitely thinks quite highly of herself, we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t say “congrats” to someone for dating her. With that in mind, it appears she and Nas—who are both from Queens, New York—were celebrating a recent accomplishment. But what’s the accomplishment? It’s still unclear, but whatever it was, Statik Selektah, who posted his own photo of himself with Nicki and Nas, appeared to be celebrating with them.

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The ever-candid talk-show host has been vocal about her feelings toward Angelina Jolie, the woman whom Aniston’s then-husband Brad Pitt began romancing shortly after their marriage ended in Handler recently called Jolie a “lunatic” on her Netflix talk show Chelsea, joking that perhaps the reason why Pitt was rumored to be self-medicating with drugs and alcohol had to do with the woman he married. However, while Handler has her own opinions on Brangelina — none of them very good — her sentiments don’t echo best friend Aniston’s.

In a recent interview with Grazia , Handler was asked how the Mother’s Day actress really feels about the news of her ex-husband’s divorce. Handler minced no words when relaying what her friend thinks about the split.

tomi lahren dating a black man perfectly shows how white women obsess over black men without caring ab the issues & inequalities they face — dani (@itsdanieIIa) August 15,

I’d like to get married too. It’s the actual wedding that pisses me off. The problem is that everyone who gets married seems to think that they are the first person in the entire universe to do it, and that the year leading up to the event revolves entirely around them. You have to throw them showers, bachelorette weekends, buy a bridesmaid dress, and then buy a ticket to some godforsaken town wherever they decide to drag you.

If you’re really unlucky, they’ll ask you to recite a poem at their wedding. That’s just what I want to do- monitor my drinking until I’m done with my public service announcement. And what do we get out of it, you ask? A dry piece of chicken and a roll in the hay with their hillbilly cousin. I could get that at home, thanks. Then they have the audacity to go shopping and pick out their own gifts.

21 questions w/ 50 Cent! Including if he slept with Chelsea Handler!

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